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Mumbai formerly called Bombay is a melting pot of cultures that offer memorable experiences. The commercial capital of India is home of entrepreneurs, dreamers, sky-touching concrete towers, thriving nightlife, cricket, Bollywood and so much more. Undoubtedly, Mumbai is one of the must- visit places in India. Mumbai tours lure history lovers, culture enthusiasts, experience-seekers and tourists from all walks of life.

The mesmerizing metropolitan is a cluster of seven islands, named after the Goddess Mumbadevi. The Portuguese arrived in 1534 and renamed it Bom Bahia, for the natural harbour which served as a safe haven for its ships. Slowly people made way to the city lured by the promise of business opportunities and religious freedom. Over the years the migrant population prospered, therefore land was reclaimed, and thus began transformation into the industrial hub and bustling metropolis. In the British Raj, the city grew and encompasses their culture. The city is marked with many landmarks with their distinctive style of architecture. Today, Mumbai is the country's financial & cultural centre and also home to a thriving film industry. The coming together of two worlds, the amalgam of great wealth and abject poverty created endless activity that personifies this ‘city of dreams’.

Places to visit in Mumbai include a huge list. Start with the Victoria Terminus, now Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal- a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other must-visit attractions are the 3km long Marine Drive, Gateway of India, the Hanging Gardens, Mani Bhawan (where the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi resided for several years), Chowpatty Beach, the Prince of Wales museum, Water Kingdom, etc. Besides the popular sights, the city has a plethora of cherished experiences. A visit to the Dharavi Slum, the biggest slum in Asia is a must in Mumbai. Witness the indelible spirit of Mumbai as the hardworking folks struggle and make their dreams come true. A tour of the Dhobi Ghat is also a pleasure. The most thrilling of all is the Dabbawala tour is Mumbai, where you can watch the organized tiffin system that feeds millions. Bollywood tour is a cherished experience. Another outing to definitely cover is to the Elephanta Islands housing the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Elephanta Caves.

While sightseeing is amazing, the street food of Mumbai is not to be missed. There are both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes that tempt your taste buds. The thriving nightlife, with discotheques, pubs, arts & cultural scene keeps you up till the early hours of the day.

How To Get There


By Air

Mumbai is on the world map for its easy connectivity not only in India but also all over the globe. The hub of international air traffic, Mumbai International Airport has frequent flights from almost all major International airlines. Mumbai airport also serves as a major hub, connecting almost all parts of India.


By Rail

Well-connected network of railways are available to get to Mumbai. Connected by superfast trains you can easily get to the metropolis almost all major cities of India.

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