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Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and also its largest metropolis. Home to over a million inhabitants, the ancient town is one of the most fascinating places to to visit in the Indian Subcontinent. Located at an elevation of approx. 1400 metres, in the bowl-shaped valley surrounded by four major hills, it symbolises all that is Nepal. Been witness to various ruling dynasties, Kathmandu has a unique characteristic culture and heritage. Besides fascinating sightseeing, there are ancient markets that deal in handicrafts and the Newari cuisine.

Rooted deep in ancient myths, the town has a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Durbar Square is one of the seven monument zones that centuries-old structures that have survived the ravage of time. The Swayambhunath Temple, approximately 2000 years old is perched on a hillock on the south-western edge of the city. The revered stupa offers a glimpse into the heritage as well as beautiful views of the panorama. The Pashupatinath Temple located on the western banks of the Bagmati River is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimages in the world.  Boudhanath Stupa is claimed to be the largest Buddhist stupa in the world with a base of 82 meters in diameter is a holy shrine to visit.

On a visit to Kathmandu, there are other must visit places. Bhaktapur is the medieval city of Newars, still following age old traditions and customs. Patan, located on the southern banks of the Bagmati River is believed to be the first settlement in the Valley. In its centuries of existence is has been under the patronages of the Kirat, Lichivi and Malla kings and has become home to many beautifully carved temples, palace courtyards, public baths and houses of elaborate wood, stone and metal carvings.

Amid the centuries-old legacy, Kathmandu is bustling with modern charms. Tourists have vibrant markets to explore, delicious cuisines to try, casinos to try their luck and so much more. The getaway to other places to visit in Nepal also makes the capital city worth exploring.

How To Get There


By Air

Kathmandu is accessible by Nepal’s only international airport. Direct flights to and fro Kathmandu are connected with Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and to Paro in Bhutan.


By Road

India shares well-connected roads to Kathmandu. The town shares connectivity with all places in Nepal.

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