Kanha Tours

The ‘Tiger Land’ Kanha is one of the most exciting wildlife reserves in India as well as the world. Situated in the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, the picturesque Kanha National Park was the inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling's unforgettable classic Jungle Book. The romance of the Kanha National Park has not reduced over time; it is still as beautiful and as fascinating. It is home to a healthy popular of royal Bengal tigers. Under the special law in 1955, Kanha became a wildlife reserve, especially many of the endangered species. Kanha tours are the perfect outing for wildlife lovers.

By far, the most striking feature of Kanha are the open grassy meadows, where sighting blackbuck, swamp deer, sambhar and chital is common. Of the numerous Tiger reserves in India, here you can spot the beasts in their natural habitats. In fact, nowhere can you spot tigers so easily. The main wildlife attractions Kanha National Park are tiger, black buck, barasingha, nilgai, sambhar, bison, black deer, gaur, chital, barking deer, chousingha, mouse deer, sloth bear, jackal fox, porcupine, hyena, jungle cat, python, pea fowl, hare, monkey, mongoose, and leopard. The species of birds in Kanha include peacock, pea fowl, storks, jungle fowlteals, kingfishers, woodpeckers, pintails, pond herons, egrets, spur fowl, partridges, quails, ring doves, spotted parakeets, green pigeons, rock pigeons, cuckoos, papihas, rollers, bee-eater, hoopoes, drongos, warblers, finches, orioles, owls, and fly catchers. In addition, the landscape of Kanha is home to many unique species of trees, flowering parts and other species of the animal kingdom.

Of the many natives of Kanha, barasingha, or the swamp deer is a species to talk baout. They populate the large open tracts of grass amidst the forests of teak and bamboo. Twenty years ago, the barasingha was faced with extinction but some desperate measures brought a change and now ever surge in their numbers. Fencing-off of some animals, recreating rutting calls with bugles were some methods. The four safari zones in the reserve have their own highlights.

Wildlife safari in Kanha is open from the 16th October to 30th June every year, while it is closed for the monsoon. Jeep safari and elephant safaris are the most exciting options to visit the wildlife reserve. Jeeps offer a thrilling ride while elephant safari helps visitors to access every nook and corner of the park. Elephant Safaris are preferred by wildlife photographers to get better views. Stay in the wildlife resorts of Kanha make the outing an experience unlike any.

How To Get There


By Air

Jabalpur, 160 km is the most convenient airport to get to Kanha. The air terminal is connected by a daily flight from Delhi. Nagpur, 250 km is the other airport for visiting Kanha and is connected to Mumbai and Delhi by daily flights.


By Rail

The nearest railhead is Jabalpur, at a distance of 160 km. Jabalpur is connected by several daily overnight trains to Delhi and Agra.


By Road

The wildlife reserve of Kanha is well-connected by road. It is 275 km from Bandhavgarh National Park and 150 km from Pench National Park.

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