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Chambal is a small town known for its natural bliss. The area is named after the River Chambal, a tributary of Yamuna River and lies between the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The river remains one of the cleanest rivers in India and supports some rare, endemic species of biodiversity, notably the gharial, along-snouted, fish-eating crocodile, and the mugger crocodile, the Gangetic river dolphin, and also several species of turtles and water birds.

The National Chambal Sanctuary has been created to protect the wildlife. During the winter months, from October till March, the Wetlands of Chambal act as a temporary home to a myriad species which migrate from the suburb areas of Europe, China, Serbia and Mangolia. Birdwatchers and photographers’ haven, the sanctuary is blessed. An impressive list of over 330 species of resident and migratory birds are found here. The Indian Skimmer,which is classified as endangered is spotted in Chambal and is one of the mostreliable places to see the bird species along with Northern Pintails, Chinese Coots, Forest Wagtails, and Flamingos among others. The sanctuary is also home to eight rare species of turtles, out of the 26 found in the country. It is also one of the few places to spot the Platanista Gangetica (Gangetic Dolphins), only to be spotted with a sharp eye. Indian Striped Hyenas and Golden Jackals amongst others can also be spotted at this sanctuary.

Tourists to the Chambal sanctuary can opt for motor boats rides on the Chambal River provided by the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh. As far as boat safaris goes, it is one of the best kinds. Serene, historic and offbeat, the Chambal Valley has much to offer.Tourists can enjoy its breath taking landscapes, a variety of wildlife, rural vibe, untainted nature, fascinating ruins and legendary exploits. Bateshwar Temples is a famous congregation of 108 temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Stay in Chambal is a getaway from cities into the heart of nature’s bliss. Once known for outlaws, now the land is known for peacefulness.

How To Get There


By Air

Delhi International Airport is the closest at a distance of 270 kms.


By Rail

Agra station is 70 kms, Etawah 45 kms and is connected by frequent trains from Delhi and other parts of the country.


By Road

Chambal is an easy drive from Delhi, Agra and other major cities of India.

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