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Experience the Exotic While on a Lion Safari in India

For a truly memorable vacation, a wildlife safari in exotic India is the way to go. For anyone who truly wants to experience everything that is India today, this could be the trip of a lifetime. Imagine arriving in a city full of people, lights, and activity one day and the next traveling into the past through stunning vistas and unspoiled wildlife sanctuaries that are home to an incredible number of endangered species. For a trip where you can see the intersection of the past and present, where the historic and the modern meet and mingle, join an Indian wildlife safari.

When you visit the famed Gir National Park, you will get a chance to see Asiatic lions in their home, haven, and last remaining natural habitat. A lion safari in India will take you through powerful landscapes filled with rugged ravines, deep forest, and misty rivers and streams. Search the grasslands for timid deer and the deep marshes for numerous crocodiles sunning themselves in their natural habitat. Besides the regal cats that are the main draw of the area, the parklands are home to a large variety of flora and fauna you won’t see anywhere else.

Even though you are on safari, that doesn’t mean you have to give up the comforts and luxuries of home. Even in the remote wildlife sanctuaries you will stay in luxury accommodations fit for royalty. The lion safari features accommodations in the beautiful, exotic, and eco-friendly tent resort called Lion Safari Camp featuring air conditioned and plumbed luxury tents and a restaurant right in the heart of Gir National Park. Throughout much of your journey through India the best luxury hotels will be your home away from home as you travel and explore the wonders of this mysterious sub-continent.

What would a trip to India be without an elephant safari? India is famed for its massive and gorgeous elephants and nearly everyone who visits would like to see them. The best place to see them in the wild is by traveling south to Periyar wildlife sanctuary. Here you can see herds of magnificent elephants in their home environment, undisturbed by the hand of man. See rolling hills, and thick forests while taking a boat tour. You may even see a tiger or two, as well as a number of other rare or endangered species that call the sanctuary their home. 

Whether you dream of seeing the great Asiatic lions or herds of gentle elephants, India Safaris can plan the tour of a lifetime! We are based in India and that means we have intricate knowledge about each of the destinations we offer. We personally visit and inspect all of the accommodations so we can be sure they are exactly what they advertise and our knowledge of the area and logistics of travel in India is second to none. Book your wild life tour with Indian Safaris today by calling 91-11-29234617 or email us and we will create a custom safari just for you!