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Best Tiger Safari in India

India is home to many of the remaining Royal Bengal tigers (it’s estimated that only 3000-5000 remain in the world).   Since the 1970s, the Indian government has created 27 tiger reserves throughout the country. Tiger safaris in India are popular and create an unforgettable holiday. 

If you are considering a Tiger Safari in India, here are a few facts and tips:

  • Tigers live in tropical jungles, tall grasslands, marshes and brush areas.
  • Although tigers live in several of India’s states, the most numerous wild populations are found in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Assam.
  • Some of the best locations for tiger safaris are Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Pench National Parks in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.  Also Corbett National Park in the Himalayan foothills of Uttar Pradesh; and Manas Tiger Reserve in Assam.
  • In Rajasthan the best place to for a tiger safari is Ranthambore National Park (about 100 miles from Jaipur).
  • Most of the parks where tigers live are open only from October or November until the onset of monsoon rains in June.
  • In Assam, parks may close for the season as early as April.
  • The best months for tiger safaris in India are considered to be between November and February, though, the warmer months of March through to May allow for excellent Tiger sightings too.
  • There are two basic modes of transport for tiger safaris: 4x4 vehicle and elephant back.
  • Pets are not allowed on tiger safaris, so if you are traveling with a pet you will need to make alternate arrangements for your pet.
  • Since you’ll spend a considerable amount of time in the sun be sure to bring adequate sun protection.
  • For nighttime, you will want loose, lightweight clothing to serve as protection from bug bites.
  • Don’t forget cameras, batteries, bottled water, and a good hat.
  • You want to travel lightly but have what you need handy.
  • Consider a journal to make notes during the day or at night once you return to your accommodations.  A Tiger Safari in India is a memorable experience and many people want to capture the highlights and feelings so they can revisit and remember in the future.
With various India Tiger safaris and wildlife sanctuaries and 80 National Parks, there is so much to explore and discover. Wildlife tours in India can be varied based on what you are most interested in. With so many wildlife and safari packages and options, you can create the perfect holiday for you and your family.