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An Exciting and Affordable Holiday

Are you tired of the same old holiday every year? Are you looking for something exciting and different, but need to stay within a manageable budget? Have you looked at the cost of a safari in India?

Most people are surprised at just how affordable it is to go on a tiger safari tour. India is a fascinating country, affording vacationers a plethora of opportunities to view wildlife, enjoy nightlife, and visit enthralling landmarks like the Taj Mahal. Best of all, the cost of a safari in India is nowhere near the cost of some of most popular travel destinations in the world . You can enjoy nine days or more of tiger safari tours in India for less than $2,000. Some packages are more, some are less, but you’ll find that pound for pound, the cost of safaris in India is considerably better than similar trips elsewhere.

While on tiger safari tours, India wildlife specialists and naturalists will show you some of the world’s most pristine nature preserves. You will be able to view tigers, rhinos, crocodiles, Asiatic lions, and a wide selection of other wildlife from SUV, elephant back, or by boat.

In between your excursions into the Indian wilderness, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the rich and diverse culture of India. India seamlessly blends the most luxurious modern amenities and activities with rich cultural traditions that date back thousands of years.

There is so much to do in India. The highlights of most trips, of course, are the tiger safari tours. India, however, has much more to offer while you are on vacation. Depending on which package you choose, you could visit the Taj Mahal, countless shrines and temples, and more.

Contact us today. Our trip facilitators can help you plan tiger safaris in India that will help you see everything you want to see while still keeping the cost of a safari in India down to a reasonable level.