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Come See the Inspiration behind the Jungle Book

Were you enthralled when you read Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book? Even if you’ve never read this classic tales, chances are that you’ve seen Walt Disney’s famous animated version or one of the many live action film adaptations which have been released over the years. Safari tours in India give you the opportunity to see firsthand the beauty and mystery of the Indian wildlife that inspired Mr. Kipling.

If you want a truly Kipling-esque experience, consider our Kanha and Sunderbans tour. The Kanha National Park is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh in Central India. Rudyard Kipling grew up here in Central India. He took his inspiration for the Jungle Book stories from the same places you will visit in Kanha National Park.  These days, Kanha is generally considered the best Tiger Reserve in the world, arguably offering the best opportunities to observe tigers in their natural habitat.

In addition to the Kanha National Park, you will also see the world’s largest mangrove wetlands, the Sunderbans.  In addition to being another great place to view tigers (it’s common to see them swimming in the Sunderbahns, you will have the opportunity to view a wide variety of birds and reptiles. The possibilities are endless, with fairly common sightings of crocodiles, monitor lizards, and rare Ridley’s sea turtles.

Are you concerned about the safari price in India? Consider this: It will cost you less than half as much to enjoy the best Safari Tour in India than it would to stay at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Lodge for the same amount of time. As vacations go, you can’t go wrong with the safari price in India. Which would you rather do? Spend more money to see animals in captivity or spend less for safari tours in India and see the world’s most magnificent animals in their natural environment?

When you go on a safari tour in India, you’ll quickly see why Central India held such inspiration for one of the world’s greatest children’s storytellers. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even be inspired to write a classic of your own.