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Wildife Photography at Gir National National Park

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One often overlooked destination which is replete with rare and endangered species is the Gir National Park, the only place where the Asiatic lion can be found. At one point, there were only 20 Asiatic lions remaining in the wild. Today, there are over 300. A lion safari in India affords you the rare opportunity to get a glimpse (and perhaps a picture) of these magnificent beasts.

Great cats aren’t all you’ll see while on a lion safari in India. 250 species of birds call Gir National Park home. If you include species which can be found in the peripheral areas of the park, there are over 300 species to be viewed. You may also get a chance to see endangered animals such as the Indian wolf, marsh crocodile and the Asian wild ass.

Whether you are mainly coming to view lions, to enjoy bird watching in India, or to view other exotic species, you will want to bring a camera and take many photographs. Long after you have returned home, your photos will keep the memory of your lion safari in India vivid.

Here are some things to keep in mind while taking photographs on your India wildlife tour:

  • Respect all wildlife. While some species are known for being more dangerous than others, all wildlife should be treated with respect. Enjoy the animals without disturbing them.
  • Follow guide and naturalists’ instructions. The guides and naturalists who accompany you will do everything possible to ensure that you are able to see the animals and take good photos safely. All instructions or restrictions given are for your well-being and that of the animals.
  • Make sure you have plenty of memory (or film) available. You’ll want to take tons of pictures. Many guests are surprised by just how many photos they’ve taken by the end of their lion safari in India.
  • Steady your camera, especially for action shots. If you want a clear picture, the camera needs to be steady when you shoot. This is especially true if the subject of your photo is moving. If you don’t have a tripod, steady your elbows on something solid, like a vehicle window sill.
  • Take more pictures that you think you’ll want to keep. Some photos won’t turn out.  The more photos you take, the better chance you have of taking a memorable shot of the Gir National Park’s exotic wildlife.

India safaris offers a variety of India wildlife tours. A lion safari in India offers photo opportunities that you can’t find anywhere else on the globe. Contact us today for information about our Asian lion safari packages, or to design a custom India wildlife tour.